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Mick Chillage - (M)odes
( Michael Gainford )

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Mick Chillage has been releasing quite a bit these days. But about once every year, he gives us a truly great masterpiece for the ages. And this time, it is (M)odes, a deeper, more introspective set of intense atmospheres from this modern day synth master. Both spirtualistic and futuristic, Mick's detailed blend of natural and synthetic sounds fill your speakers nicely, creating an emotive journey worthy of following his previous Carpe Sonum release, Saudade. From the early morning fog of "Midnight Mist" to the dramatic Vangelis-like score of "Suspended Thoughts" to the late-night space jam of "Visitors", the classic sounds of (M)odes will stand among the most essential in the Mick Chillage discography.

1. Nico’s Gate (13:21) 2. Midnight Mist (9:30) 3. We Are Light (16:16)
4. Suspended Thoughts (9:03) 5. Microscopic (16:53) 6. Visitors (11:30)

A second spiritual ambient journey from Mick Chillage.


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