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Aythar - Astronautica
( Tamás Károly Tamás )

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Carpe Sonum begins a new page in its history with a talented new electronic artist that pays homage to those who have gone where no man has gone before, both in the field of space travel and in electronic music. Astronautica is an ambient masterpiece that you could swear was an undiscovered gem from the golden years of 90's electronica, taking us back to when when both the future of sound and space lay infinite before us. Rich with the most nostagic of sounds, Aythar's fantastic synth and sequences seem to make this as much about time travel as it is space travel, transporting us to the days when Pete Namlook's own signature brand of interstellar musical explorations changed how we heard electronic ambient music.

1. Astronautica (Space Version) (8:46) 2. Mystical Clouds (10:14) 3. Alien Worlds Part 1 (9:17) 4. Alien Worlds Part 2 (11:14) 5. Reactor (11:44) 6. Space in My Heart (6:38)
7. Moon Landing (10:06) 8. Astronautica (Deep-Tech Remix) (8:55)

The ultimate ambient love letter to the great space pioneers.


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