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Jacob Newman and Devin Underwood - Sending the Past
( Jacob Newman and Devin Underwood )

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The first Carpe Sonum outing by Jacob Newman and Devin Underwood also has the distinction of being the first US-centric release on the label. Recorded in Colorado and Massachusetts and mastered in Colorado by Jason Corder (aka offthesky, himself a prolific experimental ambient artist), this new recording finds the pair on near equal footing with any number of their esteemed colleagues working a combined mojo of ambient drift and atmospheric toggle. Newman and Underwood's modus operandi seems to mimic most other purveyors of contemporary ambient-space ritual, noting that like their brethren they "love to explore drones and tones, textures and spaces, as well as subtle melody." That such nuance pervades Sending the Past is no surprise; they feel that this new recording differentiates itself somewhat from their established 'template', "proceeding in new directions as we continue to explore musical ideas and processing techniques", but it's their preternatural gift for intriguing sound design that sets the duo apart from the pack. In their case, Past makes perfect.

1. Light Point (6:31) 2. Sequester (7:36) 3. Time Lapse (8:41) 4. Built From Amber (4:03)
5. In the Air (6:56) 6. Mist Field (9:36) 7.The Elusive (4:39) 8. Rotations (2:38)
Day Stretch (9:36)



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