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Motionfield - Luftrum
( Petter Friberg )

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Luftrum is a beautifully sculpted multi-segment creation of ambient art which marks Motionfield's triumphant return to more permanent media and one that spotlights an artist working at a level of craft that far exceeds his years. Stylistically, the album harkens back to some of the weightier moments first starmapped by the Euro masters of kosmische but there's a persistent 'symphonic' flavor linking the various movements that encompasses ages both new and old. Friberg effortlessly butts textures and layers against one another, mixing sounds of varying hues that alter both mind and mood. But Luftrum has many introspective moments peppered throughout the galactic expanse; it's third movement in particular utilizes the pitter-patter of little beats to exude an earthbound psychedelia. As tones stretch and time loses its kinetic sense, there's enough cellular activity energizing Luftrum's body sonica to make its hour-plus duration feel like one fluid day's journey into night.

Luftrum (Part 1-10) 74:16 min



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