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Faex Optim ‎- Tris·kai·dek·a·pho·bi·a
( Wesley MacDonald )

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Many labels skip the number 13 in their catalog, but, at Carpe Sonum, where most find the number unlucky, we find opprotunity. Through Faex Optim, Carpe Sonum introduces the post-electronica style made famous and ubiquitous by Boards of Canada into the catalog. The coincedentally and aptly titled Tris·kai·dek·a·pho·bi·a,the CD debut of Faex Optim, explores the different facets of this IDM sub-genre though many different rich, melodic sounds and beats. An impressive debut that's well in step with the evolution of this special genre of modern post-electronic music.

1. Purest Clamor (for Marcel Proust) (3:22) 2. Beyond the Veil of Purple Rainforest Blues (5:13) 3. Dancing Lessons from the Man (2:09) 4. Hexagons Would Definitely Beat Squares in a Fight (3:17) 5. Rude Intel (1:18) 6. Hollywood Dream Bubble (5:39)
7. Sixes and Sevens (4:29) 8. Post Rock (5:22) 9. Dark and Lonely Water (1:44)
. Apex Motif (5:07) 11. Melting Snowdonia (4:54) 12. Lemody Ocean (4:14)
14. Canoe Melody (1:12) 15. I Look Like I’m From Space (4:37)
. Another Day (for Tony Herada) (4:01)

Post-electronica that defies all superstition.


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