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Thomas P. Heckmann - The Lost Tales Vol. IV
( Thomas P. Heckmann )

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The first three volumes of the The Lost Tales series showcased unreleased tracks which didn't quite fit on any of Thomas Heckmann's numerous releases from 1991-2013. This, the fourth installment, features two unreleased favorites from 1993-1994 alongside ten newly-composed tracks from 2013-2014. As with the first three volumes, these tracks continue to show the other side of Thomas, where his influences are the 60s and obscure music. "Sometime in the mid 70s I got hold of some electronic albums from my father's collection and was soon absorbing the atmospheres and sounds of early Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd, and Jarre. At some stage I wanted to know how the hell they did all this and what instruments they used. And on the back of Jarre's Oxygene and others there were things written like Moog, EMS, ARP, Eminent, but in those days there were only a few places were you could see, let alone touch them, especially for a 7-year-old kid. The rest is history and all I can say, that a little kid's dreams came true..."

In the Beginning (5:45) 2. The Perceptionist (4:18) 3. Uncontrollable Grinning (9:03) 4. The Failing of the Dice (8:39) 5. Living Room (5:59) 6. Treasure Island (6:11) 7. Time's a Thief (3:00) 8. Below What You Know (9:38) 9. Music for Four Sequencers (4:13) 10. Edge of Time (8:23) 11. Inside Looking Out (1:38) 12. Sequenced Reality (10:29)

A fourth treasure trove from one of Germany's electronic wizards.


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