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Lorenzo Montanà - Haemus
( Lorenzo Montanà )

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Haemus represents an about face for Lorenzo Montanà, a name which has lately come to be associated with IDM, glitch, and groove-infused programming. An intimate, spiritual album, Haemus mixes electronic and organic acoustic sounds, and its melodies are inspired by the old legends of the Mediterranean sea. Instruments such as dulcimer, violins, and qanun are balanced gracefully with electronic textures to form eight tracks of ethereal ambient drones. While Lorenzo's typical rhythms may be missing on Haemus, the use of acoustic instruments recaptures the mood of his earlier works. Embark on a personal journey with Lorenzo, sharing his images of the Mediterranean through ancient sounds and subtle electronic textures.

1. Secret Hill (8:22) 2. Sehanine (5:04) 3. Arcanskape (5:48) 4. Bloom (11:42)
Goldweaver Night (11:03) 6. New Light (4:25) 7. Resina (7:00)
8. Eaux (3:43)

Lorenzo's deep reflective ambient masterpiece.


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