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Bubble - OI
( John Sobocan )

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The ten tracks that comprise OI represent the culmination of a seven-year bicontinental journey, from North America to India and back. John Sobocan, aka Bubble, dreamt that Sathya Sai Baba had beckoned him to India, so off to India he went. Consequently, half of the tracks were recorded in Puttaparthi, within 200 meters of Sathya Sai Baba, and the other half were recorded 13,000 km west, while John was dog sitting in a remote area north of Toronto. Even though the tracks were recorded in disparate locations, they share a common theme of zen-like spiritual ambience. Quench your sonic thirst with this heavenly brew combining a generous helping of environmental field recordings alongside serene, meditative compositions that uplift and calm the spirit.

1. Buddha (8:23) 2. Wish (7:05) 3. Gumball (5:07) 4. Ashes (7:15)
Summer (7:44) 6. Passing Safely (8:32) 7. The Melting Desert (6:56)
8. Carrier Waves (3:51) 9. Ant (6:34) 10. Aum (6:39)

A whole world, a long journey, all within a bubble....


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