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Krystian Shek - Sometimes Not
( Krystian Shek )

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Sometimes Not finds Krystian Shek in relaxed mode, remixing four tracks from his first full length CD Eisblumen, which originally appeared on FAX +49-69/450464, alongside seven new tracks. Krys likened the process of producing this album to that of painting on a canvas, eschewing the groovebox and instead relying primarily on the trusty TR-808, along with a Minimoog and MS-20. The result is a downtempo masterwork, perfect for the chillout room or late night listening via headphones. A refreshing drink to quench your sonic thirst. Don't forget to chill before serving.

1. Tri (Ambient Mix) (3:44) 2. Wake up with the Rain (Downtempo Mix) (5:02)
3. Mieko (5:49) 4. Sometimes Not (5:09) 5. Jungle Bob (4:10)
6. Eisblumen (Chillout Mix) (6:09) 7. Abendrot (Downtempo Mix) (3:46)

8. Moonchild (4:57) 9. Whiteout (3:57) 10. Tannenwald (Deep Mix) (4:35)
11. Germany is Eating Souls. (3:37)

A downtempo ambient revisit to a FAX classic.


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