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Moss Garden - In the Silence of the Subconscious
( Lee Anthony Norris and Dimitar Dodovski )

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Earlier this year, Lee Anthony Norris and Dimitar Dodovski wowed ambient fans with their first effort under the project name Moss Garden on the obscure Japanese label Kaico titled "Understanding Holy Ghosts". Now Carpe Sonum is thrilled to present their much welcomed encore release, "In the Silence of the Subconscious". Moss Garden weaves together complex tapestries of sounds, creating an avalanche of ambient waves that overwhelm the outer senses and reach deep inside the inner mind.

1. Floating in Memories (5:09) 2. The Tender Genes (9:43) 3. Turino in Clouds (5:03)
4. Strange Terrain (6:50) 5. Shadowland (6:35) 6. Daily Catachresis (4:46)
7. A Call to Prayers (5:08)

Heavily cerebral ambient from this year's breakout collaboration.


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